Experiments in organic reactions with David Munroe

I have always been fascinated by the planets surfaces and those incredible images of the textures of our world from above, Meteorology and images taken from satellites showing such vivid colour and detail of our diverse planet, They always seemed so abstract and striking to me and decided to base my series on this, The idea that there are images and surfaces of the world that are so beautiful but also hidden to most of us due to our very close perspective to the ground.

I began researching into different images and artists that have researched this in the past and quickly realised that its a subject that has very rarely been tackled using the medium of paint and I was intrigued to try to describe this beauty in our world using paint.~David MunroegkMy work is created on large canvases and I use a large assortment of wet liquids to create my detail and contrasting textures and colours, There is a fascinating reaction that takes place when you experiment with liquids of different viscosity’s and acidity’s. Using my experiments I have managed to create chemical reactions within the paint that help to make the finished pieces so unusual and lend themselves very well to the theme.

I’m fascinated by the fluid and organic shapes seen in the images of the planet’s surface and have worked to try to recreate and describe that naturally created energy.

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