Exploring flaws with Obie Platon

My art works in multiple ways. Firstly, it is a continuous research looking at the individual and society as a whole, how the two influence each other, what man creates and the result which sometimes turns against what he initially hoped to achieve. Thus, the flaws of man-made systems interest me, as well as the roles people play to avoid boredom and unease, often in irrational and destructive ways. Beyond behavior and games, human beliefs and the way we take sides to support them and convince others, even if no argument can validate them, is something that also concerns me.  ~Obie PlatonObie-Platon-Contemporary-War-web-1Secondly, I turn these observations into a reflection of the world without beautifying it as in commercials, but exposing where it fails. The third stage of my work no longer depends on the artist. It is the viewer who will take the questions I raise and find his/her own answers.

I try not to limit my works to a certain medium, theme or technique, but to create in order to covey a message that I believe people should be aware of, not simply ignore.

Obie-Platon-Family-Portrait-web Obie-Platon-Giuseppe-Arcimboldo-web-1 Obie-Platon-Human-Pills-web Obie-Platon-Kitschland-web Obie-Platon-Mother-Nature-web Obie-Platon-Saint-George-Bucharest-2015-with-Kero-and-Irlo Obie-Platon-Street-art-vs-Corporations-web Obie-Platon-The-Spies-web Obie-Platon-Traces-of-Communism-web-1 Obie-Platon-Traditional-Plant-web