Exploring human fragility with Mizuki Nishiyama

I’m a New York based multi-media artist, currently studying Fine Arts at Parsons School of Design. I hope to deliver strong statements about human vulnerability through my pieces.  A representation of oneself shouldn’t be restricted whatsoever. In my case, I like to showcase a collection of my journey through paintings and poetry. The raw human passion is the ultimate quality that inspires me to create. I often work with personal experiences, ideas of the extreme, and the concept of human fragility. Through a purge of colours, an abstract expressionistic style is revealed through my work. ~Mizuki Nishiyama4c6030_3cf1d652675340658bf53c190949b39a~mv2_d_1811_2506_s_2 4c6030_8e5a864dee8b45cfac96df7ef838160a~mv2_d_1963_2647_s_2 4c6030_14a17c410c4d46d297a8518c67041dec~mv2_d_4477_3616_s_4_2 4c6030_289d4d8bb8b24f8c8c4ba60faefb8d73~mv2_d_2403_3011_s_4_2 4c6030_87166b2ceade4b1ab95c2860a7145f24~mv2_d_4355_3292_s_4_2 4c6030_a0ba3ed7cfea45b6a0a5d761fe9988fd~mv2_d_4270_3403_s_4_2 4c6030_fd5445c8fac6422f81f6e75faea734b1~mv2_d_2230_4483_s_2