Exploring our surrealistic subconscious with Chris Boyko

I’m an Atlanta based artist known for my surrealistic style. Fall of 2014, I graduated from Kennesaw State University, receiving my B.F.A. in Visual Arts. Recently I’ve begun participating in exhibitions across the country. Galactic Pleasures at the Studio Door in San Diego and The Creative Soul: Art & 9 Levels of Self at the Life Force Art Center in Chicago are among the exhibitions I’m grateful to be part of. ~Chris Boyko1286277
Using automatic painting techniques I explore the mind. The subconscious is constructed like a giant web, which as a whole creates an individual. If one were to examine each individual piece, they would realize it’s composed of multiple ideas, memories and feelings. As I begin to follow the strings of the subconscious web, the organic forms develop within the painting. One form leads to another, like a trail of thoughts. As I explore my own mind, gaining an understanding of myself; I’m also gaining an understanding of the forms.013 1511613 1858916 2243616 3235245_orig 3703775 3861667 6732346 8778659