The expressive portraits of Aleksandra Janeković Šribar

My name is Aleksandra Janeković Šribar and I was born in a small town Koprivnica in Croatia. As art was always a big part of my life, my friends were surprised when I decided to study economics instead of art. From today’s point of view, I think I made a good decision because today I can enjoy art without worrying on making a living. As I played piano for many years, music is something that inspires not only my artwork but also my life. I see many similarities in drawing and playing the piano.fb_img_1470689266450 Each drawing is a result of love and passion that I have for art and I am always trying to give the best of me through my artwork. Human emotions that can be expressed through eyes and smiles or wrinkles that represent beauty of everyday life are always a challenge to me, and because a drawing is a snapshot of a moment in time, someone’s expression can function as a looking glass to show not only present, but past and future as well – little wrinkles around the eyes can show that an elderly lady has spent her life smiling, and dilated pupils indicate that a person is excited or anxious. I use pencil and dry crayon and my goal with artwork is capturing variety of emotions of human face. fb_img_1470690723956 fb_img_1470689307590 fb_img_1470689278359 dsc_0471-2-e1458745456971 dsc_0189-01img_20160812_224540