Expressive urban landscape paintings by Kim Cogan

San Francisco artist, Kim Cogan, paints urban landscapes from around the US with an expressiveness and drama that puts the cities’ genuine personality on display. Opting out of representing the more iconic views of the city, he walks us through alleyways and residential areas less commonly viewed and renders them using heavily textured brushstrokes of oil paint.

“We live in a unique city with so many different moods,” Cogan said in an interview with Fecal Face Dot Com. “I wanted to try to capture the city by characteristics which are distinctively San Francisco, yet omitting everything that is iconic. There seems to be a plethora of exisiting paintings of San Francisco with victorian houses, on Lombard with a trolly car cruising out front and the golden gate bridge in the background.” [h/t]entering_a_city-1200x796Late_afternoon-1200x1002 The_outsider-1123x1200 Relax_drugs-1200x1134 Morning-Delivery-794x1200 Midnight_maraud-1200x800 Old_Roberts_motel-1200x597 opposite_ends-795x1200 american_dream-1200x895 Cogan_Homecoming_52x84_300-1200x739 the_butterfly_effect-1200x539Alexandria