Fantasy-filled paintings in layers of resin by Andy Kehoe

Andy Kehoe paints on layers of poured resin to give his paintings greater depth and shadow. That effect might be lost in a photograph of the piece but he still succeeds at conveying a sense of denseness and immensity in his whimsical paintings of fantastical lands. Kehoe is inspired by the Romantic movement of the 19th century and he surrounds his mythological characters in a blanket of colorful and awe-inspiring landscapes.

The artist says of his works: “I inhabit my worlds with strange creatures and like many of the subjects in Romantic paintings, they are often dwarfed by the nature surrounding them. Sometimes the creatures are bringing you into the scene with a straight gaze and other times they are facing away so that you can share that contemplative moment with them. There is always a harmony and symbiosis between the characters and the natural surroundings, with the giant creatures themselves sometimes acting as natural wonders. I love the idea of a living, breathing wonder roaming the landscape.” [h/t]JuxtapozAndyKehoe000 JuxtapozAndyKehoe001 JuxtapozAndyKehoe002 JuxtapozAndyKehoe003 JuxtapozAndyKehoe004 JuxtapozAndyKehoe005