The Fiber Paintings of Emma Balder

I currently work and live in Denver, Colorado where I keep a sustainable art practice with a “zero-waste” policy in my studio. Donated waste from other artists as well as vibrantly colored found materials and scraps, keeps my practice full of excitement and constant evolution. My recent work reveals a fantasia of handcrafted elements, where various textiles and traditional craft techniques exist in harmony with vivacious abstractions. The process of radical transformation and regeneration is the core of my artistic practice.~Emma BalderMy studio practice focuses on recontextualizing wasted material in an effort to preserve the natural environment and raise awareness of excessive waste. Manipulating and repurposing the studio waste I generate, as well as waste from other makers, counteracts the instant gratification of mass production and consumption of the modern world. Through exploring and accentuating the colors and contours found in nature, I turn every mark into one with intention and purpose, mixing a colorful glimpse of reality with visions of a contemporary, sustainable world.