Fine art photographs by Riccardo Magherini

It’s hard to believe at first that one is looking at a photograph when viewing one of Riccardo Magherini’s compositions. The frenetic energy of the landscape and ghostly impressions of people give it the feel of an impressionist style painting more than an actual representation of the real world.

He achieves this effect by layering multiple pictures of the same place into one frame. People move in and out like temporary visitors and the artist gives us a glimpse of their face in that fleeting moment when they occupy the camera lens’s view.

Magherini explores the way in which people occupy space and he’s fascinated with the way time overlaps in the same place. Magherini began working in fine art photography in 2011 after a trip to Tokyo and the photographs he took there became the basis for his very first photo series. He has continued on this theme since then to give us an unusual view into various places and people around the world. [h/t] 

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