The fluid perception of Phillip Potter

I was born and raised in Denver, CO. I studied fine art at Metropolitan State College of Denver and then on to The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and have since continued to push the limits of composition within my work. Passionate about the arts in the Denver community, I was a Member of EDGE Gallery for many years, one of Denver’s oldest galleries. I continue as a maker of art and explorer of knowledge and experimentation through my endeavors.~Phillip Potterblack-and-white-bird-with-girlI like the whole process of making. I enjoy building my own stretchers, stretching my own canvasses, occasionally making my own paint. I do lots of studies before I begin a large work, and during the process. To begin an abstract I have an ambiguous start with a general idea that will evolve as I make. Each steps informs the next. I make a mark, a void, a space with value or color. Then I respond that, and then I respond to that, until the piece is done.potter005I work in many veins, including but not limited to: large non-representational oil paintings, observational surrealist drawings, as well as growing mushrooms as process and installation. Each line of investigation helps inform another. It changes the way I approach the next work, and that dialog is important for growth. My most recent bodies of work pair large abstract work with technical
My work is an exploration of the limitless expanse of creation. I am finding perception is fluid, you don’t remember things sequentially, you remember back to maybe a time or maybe a place. By being aware of your surroundings, it may peek through at a later time. The work is about the fluidity of existence, life is not fixed. untitled-yellow-36x48-oil-and-encaustic-panelTime and space are unlimited, perhaps I’ve made this painting before, or you have and I’m copying from you. I make it because it means something to me. Tomorrow it may mean something different. My reason for creating it my change as well. Nothing is definitive, except that nothing is definitive. Everything had the potential of unlimited understandings. There are things that can’t be communicated in words. There are deeper meanings to things. There are deeper understandings to things. I’m not trying to make the viewer have a specific experience or response. untitled-red-48x48-oil-and-encaustic-on-panelEven if we’re trying to grasp at a concept that doesn’t exist, it’s still nice to grasp for something. If I just made work, it would be a performance, which can be a beautiful thing, but it’s also good to have a final product. We come to a better understanding of ourselves by looking back at what we have done. I make this work because it helps me understand that I can perceive, and that I do exist, and that’s mind-blowing.     dialogue-with-modern-perception-42x52untitled-black-36x48-oil-and-encaustic-on-panel