Fragments and residues: the paintings of Spyros Verykios

I paint microscopic fragments and residues (pieces of plastic, metal, paper, plastic bags). The objects have been destroyed, melt, deformed in such an extent that it is impossible to recognize their initial significance, use. Their scale changes from insignificant to memorial and their significance is designed, invented again from undefined to ambiguous. Their forms are included and organized in a metaphysical, expressionist frame.~Spyros Verykiosspyros-verykios-2011-aspyros-verykios-200grge

88527314174595-5627ed5648c47spyros-verykios-2002bspyros-verykios-2004-aspyros-verykios-2011-bspyros-verykios-2011-cIn the series of the Burning Dog paintings I depicted aspects of the Uncanny or Unfamiliar (Freudian term Das Unheimlich). The iconic elements of the Dog, the Fire, the Urban environment and their relation to the human form emerged in an “accidental”/unconscious painting procedure. I tend to use them as Symbolic Elements of a blind sexuality and fear towards the zeitgeist of our times. I formalize my pictorial space trough near-abstract arrangement of volumes of monochromatic colors on the canvas. I would describe my work as Expressionism with an dominant symbolic/narrative aspect. e98f0627151379-563607ab8aea1 spyros-verykios-1996-b