Galimatias by street artist duo Etam Cru

Polish duo, Etam Cru, is renowned for amazing collaborative public murals. The two artists, Bezt and Sainer, draw inspiration from each other when completing their giant works on the sides of buildings. But when it comes to gallery pieces, the two like to work independently and develop their separate styles. Etam Cru’s latest series, titled Galimatias and encompassing works from both artists, is currently on display at Thinkspace Gallery in Los Angeles.

The series takes us on a journey through surreal fantasy and folklore through two very distinct perspectives. Bezt’s style is more graphic and animated while Sainer leans more toward traditional renderings.

Galimatias is on display at Thinkspace Gallery in Los Angeles through January 16, 2016. [h/t]JuxtapozEtamCru00 JuxtapozEtamCru01 JuxtapozEtamCru02 JuxtapozEtamCru04 JuxtapozEtamCru05 JuxtapozEtamCru06 JuxtapozEtamCru07 JuxtapozEtamCru08 JuxtapozEtamCru09 JuxtapozEtamCru14 JuxtapozEtamCru16