Garden Gamine by Amy Sol

Las Vegas-based artist, Amy Sol, paints dreamy, delicate worlds featuring girls lost in thought and accompanied by animal friends. Often, the works are completed in neutral tones of color in thin layers over wood pallets. The grain of the wood often peeks through from underneath layers of paint and lends a calm sense of flow to compliment the characters.

“The ambiguous postponement of time and action in the works contributes to their otherworldliness; they are somehow nostalgic and frozen, like glimpses into a fabled past or a mythic, narrative dimension,” writes Thinkspace Gallery, where Sol’s works are currently on display. “Owing to this feeling of whimsical detachment and playful idealization, her imagery conveys an almost childlike sensibility.”

Sol’s latest series, Garden Gamine, will be on display at Thinkspace Gallery in Culver City, CA through April 23. [h/t]amysol2_LeaVerdant-4 amysol3_MiorasCup-4 amysol4_Circadia-4 amysol6_AstersDusk-4 amysol7_FynnandKit-4 amysol8_AvesCharm-4 amysol92_Fellene-6 amysola_FuchsineSpell