The Gravity Defying Paintings of Jacek Yerka

I’m a big fan of the surreal art of Hieronymus Bosch (for me, Bosch was the first surrealist before surrealism was even a thing), and Polish surrealist Jacek Yerka says Bosch was one of the reasons he decided to throw himself full pelt into art, after seriously considering a career in astronomy. You can actually see his love of both astronomy and Bosch in his wonderfully odd paintings that defy gravity; bedrooms are turned upside down, 15th century Flemish towns are uprooted from the ground by giant stony heads, whilst libraries suspend reservoirs. It’s all delightfully playful, hints at mystery and myths, whilst pooling dreams for subject matter and Dutch renaissance art for technical inspiration. Think Dali meets Van Eyck and you’ve got it.

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