Huge Photorealistic Paintings of Ocean Waves by Ran Ortner’s

Painter, surfer, and now documentary star… Ran Ortner is kind of living the good life and has got killer talent to boot. These are not photographs you are seeing but gigantic, hand-painted, oil on canvas, realistic ocean waves that may leave you with one raised brow and a lot of doubt. Trust me, I watched the trailer. They’re real paintings.

tumblr_nk70giJkak1rv33k2o6_500How he does it is beyond me but it’s definitely awe-inspiring. And with some pretty heartfelt views on how the ocean manifests itself and the relationship it has with the human body, Ran gives us a real and honest look at his work, which is without a doubt, impressive. And I can’t help but feel that impressive is an understatement! This is a documentary you just can’t miss. [via]

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