The Humorous Still Lives of Eric Wert

It’s my belief that most people can draw or paint. They just need to exert some patience and diligence. They need to take their time, take a bit of care. After all, you can learn to draw or paint by reading a few books and manuals. But actually expressing something through your art? That’s something that can’t be taught. It’s up to each individual to be expressive, to say something unique. Eric Wert blurs the lines between draftsmanship and actual art. His paintings are so precise, so lifelike, that you have to wonder, what does he have to say? Does he have anything to say? For me, it is humor.


His colors are more flamboyant, noisier than the palette chosen by traditional still life artists. His vases of flowers are turned upside down, knocked over instead of standing proudly erect. Instead of tulips, he paints chills. He paints cracked water melons, their insides spewing everywhere. Instead of a bottle of wine, he chooses a glass of malt whiskey. Eric Wert’s art is playful, irreverent, and brilliantly refreshing.

bouquet download Eric+Wert,+parrot+tulips,+24+x+20,+oil+on+panel,+2013 Eric+Wert,+Peonies,+36+x+48+oil+on+canvas,+2011 Eric+Wert,+Peppers,+16+x+16,+2013 Eric+Wert,+Petunia,+12+x+9,+oil+on+panel,+2013 Eric+Wert,+Willakenzie+Loam,+24+x+30,+oil+on+panel,+2013 Eric+Wert+Crush+24+x+48 Eric-Wert,-Roughage,-24-x-3 oysters the+locavore,+40+x+50,+2012,+oil+on+canvas