Hyper-realistic paintings by Kit and Oda King

Kit and Oda King are a married artist duo who create hyper-realistic paintings together from their studio in rural Ontario. They spend much of their days painting together, marrying not just their lives, but also their work.

Their paintings are reflections of the ephemeral visual relationships around them. Focusing on the manipulation of light and shadow and how this affects the viewer’s emotional response to an image, they capture a fleeting moment in time with a heightened sense of reality.

Of the works, Kit King stated, “I do not merely want to meticulously capture an image, but rather breathe a vital life force into transformed renditions of the world around me.” [h/t hifructose.com]19675637346_b9e5847ba2_bHyper-realistic paintings by Kit and Oda KingHyper-realistic paintings by Kit and Oda King 19513807688_118386ca1a_o 19513845690_1f3d42b235_b 19513848370_17710d35d2_b 19675636246_2933c00d8f_o 19694705442_a59438d251_o Hyper-realistic paintings by Kit and Oda King 19708651091_6d48514d82_b