Intimate female portraits by Farnaz Zabetian

Iranian artist Farnaz Zabetian gives viewers a glimpse into the intimate lives of Middle Eastern women through portraiture. Sometimes exuding defiance while other times acquiescence, their expressions remain reflective and searching. The moving works of art document their inner thoughts and feelings as they grapple with questions of tradition, agency, and society in the context of their own feminine identity.12391253_1685137905063908_2300404153308178043_n“The women in my paintings mirror the image of all eastern women from the part of the world where I come from,” she said on her website.

She continues: “An eastern woman is always in a struggle to display a strong and stable woman or a mother with all of what has been predetermined for her. An eastern woman will put up with the erosion of her soul so her fragility will not be apparent. She puts up a strong front for their masks. My paintings depict these women who have silently pulled these masks off their face to bare all of their complexities, hurts and all the untold secrets.” [h/t]17 11705301_1630504497193916_1624743095886407201_n 13654282_1772213719689659_7323212156143580643_n dont-remember-much-about-war-other-than-my-childhood-that--was-shattered-by-mines f