Joel Rea – Paintings

Joel Rea considers himself a Contemporary Surrealist Painter. He is from Australia and has won a bunch of awards for his work. His hyperrealistic paintings explore the duality of nature – how it can be both a destructive and creative force. Joel will be exhibiting new paintings at he Melbourne Art Fair later this month.

Joel Rea paintings full_size_1_20140726152950

Joel Rea - Paintings full_size_1_20120327124412 full_size_1_20120426203333 full_size_1_20120426203612 full_size_1_20120830130612 full_size_1_20130106095809 full_size_1_20130516221720 full_size_1_20131030090114 full_size_1_20140726152450 full_size_1_20140801212103

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