Jolene Lai’s Quizzically Provocative Paintings

If anyone likes their art to be awash with narrative, they should check out the work of artist Jolene Lai. She herself admits that she likes to add “a tinge of provocative into the storyline,” and this is clear when you take a look at her work.

Each work tantalizingly teases you with a mysterious premise; in one, a man lies dead on the floor whilst a couple sit up in bed, presumably watching the television. In another, we are looking up at a young girl who sits on the upper ledge of a wardrobe, eating an apple. We can’t see her face, but due to the unusually aggressive perspective, we know something isn’t quite right.


AfterMidnight-1024x773Each piece is like a snapshot out of a mystery film, and the joy in Jolene Lai’s work is that you can spend positively ages casting your quizzical eyes around the composition, trying to discover the smallest of details which will offer the faintest of clues needed to unravel the plot. [h/t]

Charlie-766x1024 Eve-1024x1019 Flight-815x1024 Heartbreaker-770x1024 Howl Nightcap