Laura Bernard explores the translucencies of watercolour

I am an Illustrator, pattern designer and all round creative born in London, England. When I was seven I moved to Wellington, New Zealand and I am currently based in Melbourne, Australia. I love moving, evolving and creating new experiences which highly influence my art.

I like to combine objects and portraits with translucencies, florals, bug wings and scenery that isn’t where its suppose to be. I then take this further and play with scale and conceptual ideas. I always have a concept behind a work, but I love to hear what other people think it means. Although I don’t take the meaning too seriously.

I primarily use watercolour now, although I did use primarily gouache for a while too. I love gouache because as a medium, it is in the middle of watercolour, oil and acrylic. However with watercolour, I can create the layers, translucencies and textures that I like, whereas gouache is quite thick. ~Laura BernardUntitled-1 Teapot Tea+cup Self+Portrait-white+background Massive+Cover Kult+mag+squared IMG_2999+copy IDENTITY Comission+for+Miranda Banana Aqua+Ursine