Layered portraits by Jeff Huntington

In his latest series titled Catalyst, Jeff Huntington takes portraits of significant people in history and superimposes them on top of each other. The combinations can be jarring and they add a new level of expression in portraiture. In one painting, Huntington combined the peaceful expression of the Buddha with an injured nurse in agony from a 1925 Sergei Eisenstein Film. Huntington favors depicting people with political or historical significance for these works in order to inject a deeper history into the works.

This latest series is a continuation of Huntington’s exploration of the human condition through portraiture. His prior work featured portraits of his father who suffered from Alzheimer’s. In a series titled Plaques and Tangles, the artist created portraits depicting his father in varying moods of frustration, goofiness, and contemplation. [h/t]18938802504_fbcbf3ea21_b 18938802704_65ced35081_b 19373380478_02c8eb1528_b 19373401390_2a5f1812b3_b 19373402400_215a74f0c2_b 19535205096_069cfac01d_b 19535205926_2986176651_b 19554536602_0b4b3522a5_b 19561338725_742c26b0bd_b 19565615601_bde1cb8603_b