McCauley Conner – Illustrations

McCauley Conner, born in 1913, started out doing publications for the war, before becoming part of the New York advertising world. His illustrative paintings have appeared in magazines like Redbook, The Saturday Evening Post, Cosmopolitan, and he’s also done lots of ad campaigns for fortune 500 types. Over time there has been an increasing interest in the artistic merits of Conner’s work – he’s being  featured in an exhibition at the Museum of the City of New York later this month.

McCauley Conner - Illustrations How-Do-You-Love-Me_Mac-Conner_1950_Courtesy-of-MCNY.jpg Killer-in-the-Club_Mac-Conner_1954_Courtesy-of-MCNY.jpg Strictly-Respectable_Mac-Conner_1953_Courtesy-of-MCNY.jpg The-Girl-Who-was-Crazy-About-Jimmy-Durante_Mac-Conner_1953_Courtesy-of-MCNY.jpg There-is-Death-for-Rememberance_Mac-Conner_1953_Courtesy-of-MCNY.jpg topLet's-Take-a-Trip-Up-the-Nile_Mac-Conner_1950_Courtesy-of-MCNY.jpg We-Won't-Be-Any-Trouble_Mac-Conner_1953_Courtesy-of-MCNY.jpg Where-is-Mary-Smith_Mac-Conner_1950_Courtesy-of-MCNY.jpg

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