Mesut Kul – Micro Paintings

Mesut Kul is a Turkish artist who does tiny paintings on tiny objects. He calls the paintings “micro art”, and he uses a magnifying glass to get the details just right. Mesut cites the beauty of the world as his inspiration.

micro-art-paintings-mesut-kul-1 micro-art-paintings-mesut-kul-2 micro-art-paintings-mesut-kul-3 micro-art-paintings-mesut-kul-4 micro-art-paintings-mesut-kul-5 micro-art-paintings-mesut-kul-6 micro-art-paintings-mesut-kul-7 micro-art-paintings-mesut-kul-8 micro-art-paintings-mesut-kul-9 micro-art-paintings-mesut-kul-10



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