The Nocturnal Garden, by Audrey Pongracz

“I’ve struggled with a variety of mental issues most of my life, and painting has always been very therapeutic for me so I tend to be able work through them during the process. The series concentrates more on the past 5-6 years, mostly because of the extreme lows and actual breakthroughs I’ve encountered. I found much comfort and strength through the scriptures of the Bible, so this series is more like a spiritual journey through my struggles.”~Audrey PongraczAudrey_Pongracz_EXO2“The Nocturnal Garden” opens May 13th at 6pm. Join us for a special evening celebrating Ms Pongracz first solo show and her newest series of works. “The Nocturnal Garden” series represents the thoughts and feelings of dealing with mental disorders. nmjh8Audrey Pongracz transcends the regular idea of “pop art” or “low brow” idealism even though self taught. Audrey studies classic painting style as well as her contemporary painters. On the surface a portrait, female figure for the most part is the focal image in recognizable landscapes and conceptual hairdos.Audrey_Pongracz_themostunworthyflowerThe title of the show is inspired by Audrey’s years of severe insomnia. During those years I spent so much time alone at night, and I eventually found significance in those dark times after all the toiling. I grew a lot and found beauty and purpose in those sleepless nights. Audrey_Pongracz_IfIOnlyCould Audrey_Pongracz_NightShift nmjh8yhyhfgcf