Observing the inside with Kaitlyn Page

My name is Kaitlyn Page and I’m a young aspiring artist from Pennsylvania, US. I’ve always dreamed of becoming a professional artist. As of this moment I’m 20 years old and have been taking commissions and experimenting with a variety of traditional mediums. I follow your blog and thought maybe, I could contribute. I don’t define myself as a particular type of artist. Rather, I enjoy to experiment with all mediums, with my most beloved being a combination of watercolor and pen and ink, with the occasional use of acrylic.1._He_Exhaled_His_Darkness_Like_the_Constellations 887455_1027144967316872_8664413148189803931_o after_thought_by_the_inner_observer-d7t0tk3 As_We_Become_One melodies_and_heart_disease_by_the_inner_observer-d9jpcnh ND7_9915 reckless_beauty_by_the_inner_observer-d8a3t65 slipping_away_by_the_inner_observer-d9cdq8n universal_by_the_inner_observer-d8rkmnt