Paintings from James Tissot

Sometime there can be no better place to find art inspiration than a past great. Today we look back at the work of James Tissot — who’s earlier work leaned towards Romantic and medieval themes, and later shifted to oriental, historical pictures, portraits, and scenes of contemporary life, usually featuring very elegantly dressed women. Later in his career Tissot began painted  religious subjects. He died on August 8, 1902.

Paintings from James Tissot a-passing-storm BAL12493 Burne-Jones_Last_Sleep_of_Arthur_in_Avalon_v2 James_Tissot_-_Croquet James_Tissot_-_En_el_Louvre_(L’Esthetique) James_Tissot_-_Hide_and_Seek James_Tissot_-_London_Visitors marguerite-in-church the-departure-platform-victoria-station the-ladies-of-the-cars-1885 Tissot_James_Jacques_The_Fireplace

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