Paintings of nature and mind by Ruben Fuentes

Painter Ruben Fuentes explores his feelings of love for nature and sympathy for all the ecosystems of our planet through his ethereal paintings of nature. His latest works, titled Mind Landscapes, are influenced by Chinese and Japanese “shan-shui” landscape paintings. The series includes the dance of yin and yang forces: night becoming day, dark ink becoming light, form vanishing in the emptiness of the formless.

The artist lives and works in both Paris, France and Havana, Cuba. He recently held his first solo show at Galerie Felli in Paris. In addition to his work as a professional painter, Fuentes teaches drawing, painting and sumi-e. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the ISA (Havana, Cuba), a Master of Arts at the UPV (Valencia, Spain), and a PhD in Art. [h/t]tumblr_o0hx3d5qFH1r7l28fo1_540 tumblr_o0hx3d5qFH1r7l28fo2_540 tumblr_o0hx3d5qFH1r7l28fo3_540 tumblr_o0hx3d5qFH1r7l28fo4_540 tumblr_o0hx3d5qFH1r7l28fo5_540 tumblr_o0hx3d5qFH1r7l28fo6_540