Koen Fraijman’s laser cut paintings

Every artist has their own set of skills/tools they work with. Since I had a different kind of education than most artists (I hold an engineering degree), the tools that I learned to work with differ a bit from the tools that most artists work with. Lately I have been working a lot with laser cutting machines. These machines burn away material, instead of adding it. I developed a method to paint with these machines, namely laser-painting. For me this was a very exciting thing which I wanted to share with people. Only for most people lasers are still things from sci-fi movies or laser hair removal. And then it hit me that I was actually using lasers in the opposite way as is known to people. I was ‘creating’ with lasers instead of ‘destroying/removing’. I found it interesting to turn this around, in a way that people could understand my working methods. ~Koen FraijmanDSC_9383_Fraijman_Edit_1-min DSC_9384_Fraijman_Edit_1-min DSC_9390_Fraijman_Edit_1-min DSC_9396_Fraijman_Edit-min DSC_9399_Fraijman_Edit-min DSC_9454_2-min