Phil Hansen’s portrait of Donald Trump, made with 36 pounds of bacon

“Never expected to be using this!” stated artist Phil Hansen as he dry-heaved his way through creating a portrait of Donald Trump with 36 pounds of bacon. In a work clearly more focused on horror than homage, Hansen separated the shades of meat and fat we all have seen in bacon and drew with them. Bacon Trump2-min
“I was hoping to film it rotting over the course of a few weeks but I kept getting nasty headaches from the odor. It was a little frightening.” So Hansen took the video he already had and put together a short creation video. As you may be able to guess, the reaction from social media was swift, with both positive, horrified, and scathing reactions. When asked “Why?” Hansen simply shrugs, smiles and says “Why not?” but you know there’s something more lingering under that veneer. Bacon Trump4-min
The bacon was actually cut apart and prepped for art creation a few months ago. But it sat in the studio fridge as Hansen sat watching, as we all did, our country’s future get decided. When he got to work making the piece it only took 10 hours of placing bacon to create. The work is now in the dumpster behind the studio, “I hope the raccoons stay away, that thing is putrid.” Hansen said.   Bacon Trump4 Bacon Trump3-min5082f3_05c33ec9a9404cf69269473b5925f5535082f3_6a65834843fa43f59d814b594ff39c96 5082f3_ec888f16c1354553a9c46f2638c08235~mv2