Portraits by Steve Salo

Australian artist Steve Salo is renowned for his emotive and expressionistic portraits. His subjects seem to be painted in a moment of raw and genuine openness. A look in their eyes, or the tenseness of their jaw, or the tilt of their head give subtle clues to the ocean of emotion roiling inside their head. Through portraiture, Salo states he seeks to find truth. But whether it’s the truth of the subject, the viewer, or his own, is left unclear. He often completes his oil paintings using a combination of tools, including a palette knife, brushes, and directly by hand.

“I am interested in exploring the human psyche in the portrait,” Steve says. “The portrait gives a more emotional quality to me than other genres of painting. I am intrigued by the human head and the complexities of human expression.” [h/t emptykingdom.com]Steve-Salo ?????????????????????? Steve-Salo3 Steve-Salo4 Steve-Salo5 Steve-Salo6 Steve-Salo7 Steve-Salo8 Steve-Salo9 Steve-Salo10 Steve-Salo11 Steve-Salo12