Priscilla Daniels’ bridge to the sense

In this body of work I am using a variety of different media and textures that reflect the memory environment and emotion of the piece. Whether they are grainy, soft, light or harsh all textures add elements of communication to work. For me the texture and hue of colors form another bridge for senses. The colors and textures in many of my works are also inspired by the environments of places I have lived, hiked and explored including the Red Rock Canyon where I now live a close vicinity from. ~Priscilla Daniels dsc_0838

In these works, some of the materials used include Oil and Acrylic paints, Oil and soft pastel, Paper lace found at a garage sale, Sand grains, Vintage buttons, wood pieces, Polymer clay. While some of my work I focus on one single media, I enjoy incorporating Different textures because it allows another enhancement or element of communication to the work I am doing.dsc_0833In this work I wanted to evoke the open vulnerability to embrace discovery, change and transitions in the world in our relationships and in ourselves.  dsc_0827 dsc_0774 dsc_0761 dsc_0744 dsc_0741