A quarter of a million miles by Christy Lee Rogers

Christy Lee Rogers photographs water in ways we’ve never imagined. In her series, A Quarter of a Million Miles, she seems to depict angelic figures floating slowly through heaven. Light is spotlighted on the form and fill the space with drama and color. It’s clear what kind of influence she draws from the Baroque movement and particularly from Caravaggio’s dramatic style.

Rogers works out of Hawaii and is obsessed with capturing depictions of water. Though the subjects of these works are submerged, she herself takes the pictures from above and creates her unique lighting effects naturally in-camera.static1.squarespace.com“Water supports life and without it we couldn’t survive,” says Rogers. “So I formed a deep love for water and wanted to always be near it. Its organic, messy and powerful nature was also calming to the mind, body and soul. This love is what led me to use water as an artistic source for my images and art.” [h/t darksilenceinsuburbia.tumblr.com] Rogers_Wind+Earth+and+Fire Rogers_Island+of+Serenity Rogers_Flower-of-Life Rogers_Beauty+and+her+Sister+TruthRogers_Beauty+and+her+Sister+Truth Rogers_Flower-of-Life Rogers_Island+of+Serenity Rogers_Wind+Earth+and+Fire static1.squarespace.com