Reflections of unity – The paintings of Alli Gray

My name is Alli Gray and I am a figurative artist. I studied Graphic Design for Digital Media at Glasgow Caledonian University, but I also went on to develop my skills in fine art to communicate and explore expressive and dynamic depictions of group identities.I have been inspired by modernist aesthetics to create a visual synthesis of form, as the aim of my work is to visually break down barriers and reflect on unity, and in a broader context look at current problems within our social landscape. By expressing the interdependent nature of people, I hope to capture the beauty that can be found in everyday interactions.Relationships, and the way they can impact and shape our character continues to fascinate me and depicting the commonality of people is vital to the tone of each painting. I try to reach a compromise between representation and expressionism, allowing me to use a vibrant and colourful palette to describe a particular mood. By working this way, I can better express my personal response to a scene, as well as convey a tranquil and contemplative quality.