Scenes from the apocalypse by Yuri Shwedoff

Moscow-based painter, Yuri Shwedoff, creates post-apocalyptic scenes that captivate us with clever sci-fi and fantasy themed imagery. The artist utilizes both traditional paint mediums as well as digital tools to create pieces filled with a sense of desolation, melancholy, or even humor. Each composition brings with it a strong backstory as if the painting was a still from a longer movie. Shwedoff is clearly bringing his background working in videogame and film companies into his artworks.

Shwedoff was born in 1991. In 2008, he graduated from the painting department of the Moscow Academic Art Lyceum of the Russian Academy of Arts. That year, he was nominated for the Medal of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts for a series of works named “Suzdal.” He is currently a member of Moscow Union of Artists. [h/t:]Yuri-Shwedoff3Yuri-Shwedoff1 Yuri-Shwedoff2 Yuri-Shwedoff4 Yuri-Shwedoff5 Yuri-Shwedoff6 Yuri-Shwedoff7 Yuri-Shwedoff9 Yuri-Shwedoff10 Yuri-Shwedoff11