Sensual scenes of Tadas Sidlauskas

My name is Tadas Sidlauskas. I’m a 23 year old painter from Lithuania. My art is a reflection of my interests, world views and experiences. It’s a visual manifestation of what’s happening in my head, emotions that I feel. Every piece of art is personal to me for different reasons. Most of the paintings have something to do with some particular event which happened to me, emotion I felt, friendship I had or a thing I’ve seen. I spend a lot of time traveling and meeting people from all kinds of different cultures. All these new experiences and interactions heavily affect my art. ~Tadas Sidlauskas
While creating the work, I do not try to be literal with what I want to say. I’m more concerned about conveying mood and emotion of what I have in mind.
I’m fascinated by both, realistic and abstract work. I do my best to combine the two in my paintings. My medium of choice is oil paint. I find it the most enjoyable to work with.meditation+tadas+sidlauskas loop+tadas+sidlauskas she+knows+that+you+know+tadas+sidlauskas OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA1 11 111