Shifting collective consciousness with Alexander Carletti

I am an artist on a quest. I want to create works that reflect my soul and spark the divine imagination. My art serves a cosmological function, navigating me through the signposts of my awakening nature, reflecting where I am and where I am not. My art seeks to transmit a message of love, unity and divine self expression. I have painted images that come together to form a mirror of the sacred, activations of being, dimensional bridges of awareness. I think art has a prophetic function , to act as a gateway for the sacred and to project a vision of a future possibility. My art is a consecrated effort to awaken the viewer to the divine imagination and spark the spirit within. Art is crucial to creating a golden age, because art can captivate and inspire us to our true potential and shift the collective consciousness to unity rather than separation. ~Alexander CarlettiIMG_0153 IMG_0326 IMG_0331 IMG_0333 IMG_0411 IMG_8227 IMG_8277 IMG_8713 large_alchemist large_boxers MadreAyahuascaAlexCarletti