Summer’s Here!…Check Out Some Summer Art!

Well it doesn’t get more summer than a day at the beach.  So we start things off with American artist Edward Potthast’s impression of such a day near the turn of the 18th century; followed by Jules Brenton from around the same time in France; the Banks of the Seine in Summer (Tournedos sur Seine), by Gustave Loiseau; and perhaps the most famous piece of summer art, A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, by Georges Seurat:











Jumping ahead a few years to the modern art scene (1922), we have Boris Kustodiev’s, Bather; followed by Picasso’s, Bathers; and Rafael Zabaleta’s, Bathers on the beach under umbrella:


















And we rap up our ode to our favorite time of the year (sorry Christmas), with Summer Haze, by famous contemporary artist, John Miller; followed by, A wheatfield on a summer’s afternoon (Un champ de ble par un apres-midi d’ete), by Marc Chagall (1942):




























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