Sweeping mountain paintings by Conrad Jon Godly

In a single stroke of the brush, Swiss painter Conrad Jon Godly captures every snow-dappled crevice of the mountainside in stunning detail. From afar, one can see the ice-cold scenes of the Swiss Alps come to life and yet the beauty of the work lies in the minimalism of the brushstrokes. Thick globs of paint containing the whites of the snow and the blacks of naked rock carve their way down the mountain and sometimes even sag off the bottom of the painting. And the winding movements come together to bring the whole image into focus as if by magic. It’s in that seemingly effortless grace that we glimpse the artist’s deep skill, mastered through years of practice. [source]Conrad-Jon-Godly1 Conrad-Jon-Godly2 Conrad-Jon-Godly3 Conrad-Jon-Godly5 Conrad-Jon-Godly6 Conrad-Jon-Godly7