The abstract paintings of Samantha Keely Smith depict the violent clash of forces in all of us

Lush, vibrant colors swirl across the canvas and collide into each other in Samantha Keely Smith’s abstract oil paintings. The New York-based artist creates turbulent scenes with crashing waves of water and menacing storm clouds gathering in the sky. The drama-filled scenes are illuminated from within in bright reds and yellows that highlight the restlessness and turmoil pouring from the landscape. Smith calls her paintings “internal landscapes” and in them, she aims to “reconcile the inner world of instinct and emotions, with an external world that is both beautiful and hostile in its natural grandeur.”

Smith explains, “My newer works try to boldly portray the struggle I’ve always tried to address in my work between order and chaos, dark and light, and positive and negative impulses; along with addressing what feels like a shifting and unpredictable landscape due to global warming.” [h/t:]keely-1 keely-2 keely-3 keely-4 keely-5 keely-6 keely-7 keely-8 portrait