The abstracted, painterly landscapes of painter Karina Bania

At first glance, you probably won’t immediately assume that Karina Bania’s abstract paintings are landscapes. But landscapes they are and beautiful ones at that. The San Diego-based artist uses organic shapes, natural colors and dynamic movement to echo the essence of the environment around her.

Bania strips her landscapes to the essentials; earth, wind, water and air. She creates a landscape that is personal to her; as the viewer we get to interpret her painterly slashes, strokes and forms ourselves. In Staying Afloat, Bania uses brilliant blues and greens to suggest water. These forms are surrounded by neutral tones— spaces that the artist calls “breathing room” which creates a relaxing atmosphere for the viewer’s eye to rest. [source:]  Karina-Bania-Everything Karina-Bania-I-decided-to-look-elsewhere-600x478Karina-Bania-Breathe-600x506 Karina-Bania-She-was-Always-in-Motion-600x772 Karina-Bania-Staying-Afloat-600x479 Through-the-Light-I-II-600x313