The art of Gustavo Rimada is brimming with color and symbolism

Gustavo Rimada’s brightly colored paintings are filled with symbols pointing to the stages of life and death. Flowers, skulls, and animals all adorn portraits of women in works highly influenced by his upbringing in Mexico.

Despite developing a passion for art since a very young age, Rimada took a winding path to become the artist he is today. After moving to California from Mexico at the age of seven, Rimada went on to attend The Art Institute in Santa Monica where he chose to study computer animation. But after 9/11, he made a decision to enlist in the army while painting took a back seat. After the army, he got back into art by becoming a tattoo artist. And that experience of working at a tattoo parlor made a lasting impression on his works today.

Rimada’s solo exhibit, “Regal”, will be on display at the Haven Gallery in Northport, New York beginning February 20th. [h/t]Juxtapoz_Rimada01 Juxtapoz_Rimada02 Juxtapoz_Rimada03 Juxtapoz_Rimada04

1, 10/26/15, 3:11 PM,  8C, 8064x10695 (258+866), 150%, Repro 2.2 v2,  1/20 s, R54.0, G41.2, B57.2

1, 10/26/15, 3:11 PM, 8C, 8064×10695 (258+866), 150%, Repro 2.2 v2, 1/20 s, R54.0, G41.2, B57.2

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