The atmospheric paintings of Simon Kenny

Dublin-born artist, Simon Kenny, aims to create paintings that convey drama and atmosphere. And toward that pursuit, he has shown himself a master. Light and color dance within his paintings. And while they don’t represent any single place or scene in reality, they have a comforting warmth to them with a range of emotions conveyed through the colors and forms. The paintings combine use of paced brushstrokes and a palette knife to achieve their final aesthetic.

“The aim is to paint powerful, expressive pieces that are deeply connected to my thought processes created through my interaction with the world around me,” Kenny said of his work. “These emotional responses are not only applied through choice of colour but also materials, textures and form.” [h/t]tumblr_nta7eiF09Y1qarjnpo1_500 tumblr_nta7eiF09Y1qarjnpo2_500 tumblr_nta7eiF09Y1qarjnpo3_500