The beautiful detour of Amy Oestreicher

As a survivor and ” thriver” of nearly 30 surgeries, a coma, and a decade of medical trauma, I have been challenged with moments of extreme difficulty. But as an artist, bride, actress, 28-year old college student and overall lover of life, I’ve learned so much from this beautiful detour. I would love to submit my art for your magazine. Most of my work was actually created in hospitals – I discovered painting accidentally on my way to healing.

I am happy to narrow down my selection, but here is just (believe it or not) a small portion I created while healing (there was a lot of healing to do) I selected the ones that had the more obvious disability and illness connections. I painted to remember who AMY was under all of the tubes, bags, etc. SINGING TREE This is the first piece I created – it was at my bedside at Yale Hospital – There is a special story behind singing tree, which is why I’ve made prints of it that I donate to hospitals.  ~Amy Oestreicher

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