The bold female portraits of Conrad Roset

Sweeping black brushstrokes cloak the female form in Conrad Roset’s minimalistic illustrations. The Barcelona-based artist depicts seductive and delicate figures who seem to sprout out of pitch-black space like a budding plant from its seedling husk. Roset then embellishes the portraits with highlights of pastel color and some women wear floral headdresses to accentuate their femininity.

The artist draws his inspiration from the famous Austrian painter, Egon Schiele. On his works, Roset states, “I search the beauty the body exudes, I like drawing the female figure.”

With so much commercial appeal garnered for his works, Roset has accumulated a respectable list of clients including Zara and Elle Magazine. His debut solo exhibition titled Pale will be on display at Spoke Art Gallery in San Francisco until September 26th. [h/t]Roset12Roset4 Roset5 Roset7 Roset10 Roset11  Roset13 Roset14