The Colourful Art of Lucy Doyle

With a modest, almost half-hearted title for her latest exhibition in Dublin, Ireland, “Recent Paintings” is a collection of Lucy Doyle’s um, most recent paintings. Doyle claims that the inspiration for this body of work – all of which is stylistically and thematically linked – is the printed cottons and textiles that emanated from Russia in the 19th century.

1Certainly, the skewed perspectives and the abundance of flowers suggest this is so. She also asserts that this body of work is inspired by her life in rural Wicklow, and the people and pets that surround her. No doubt, there is a very homely feel here, with her pieces impregnated with relics of middle-class England, such as tablecloths and vases. But, consciously or not, Doyle is also influenced by the late great Matisse, both in her choice of vibrant colours, and her disregard of perspective. More than anything, Lucy Doyle’s “Recent Paintings” are alive with colour. Matisse would be proud.  [h/t]


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