The disturbingly dark paintings of Nicola Samorì

Italian artist Nicola Samorì’s Baroque-style paintings simultaneously evoke a sense of romance and violence. His Renaissance figures, first painted against classically dark backgrounds and bathed in chiaroscuro lighting, are then marred with smears of paint layered over their faces or with paint and material scratched away. In some cases, the paint is thinned so as to obscure the figure’s details behind a haze.

In an interview for the Huffington Post, Samorì said of his art, “My work stems from fear: fear of the body, of death, of men. I think my nature as an artist is something like feeling hopeless. Works are just temporary shelters and painting is a leisure place where you can conceal yourself.” [h/t]Nicola-Samori Nicola-Samori2 Nicola-Samori3 Nicola-Samori4 Nicola-Samori5 Nicola-Samori6 Nicola-Samori7 Nicola-Samori8 Nicola-Samori9 Nicola-Samori10 Nicola-Samori13 Nicola-Samori14 Nicola-Samori16