The ethereal abstract paintings of Emma Lindström

Each painting created by Swedish artist, Emma Lindström, is an exploration of feeling. Her works express a feeling that is floating, intangible, and irrational, but always uplifting and full of hope. Vivid colors seem to dance across her canvas in cloudy forms and lend the viewer a small moment of quiet beauty. Lindström hopes to tap into the hope present in all of us. “I try to let my work contrast and offer an alternative to the dark and hard aspects of society, rather than commenting on them explicitly.” she says in her artist statement.

“When it all comes down to it, my main goal is obviously to evoke some kind of emotion,” she continues. “Hopefully you can find something in my work that speaks to your inner self and the light that resides there. But no matter what emotion you might get, the important thing is just that you are feeling something.” [h/t]emmalindstrom1 emmalindstrom3 emmalindstrom4 emmalindstrom5 emmalindstrom7 emmalindstrom8 emmalindstrom9 emmalindstrom11 emmalindstrom12 ericalindstrom13 ericalindstrom14 ericalindstrom15