The ethereal and somber portraits of Joanne Nam

Los Angeles-based artist, Joanne Nam creates images that explore her childhood memories and experiences. The self-proclaimed horror movie aficionado fills her paintings with somber women and men in dark, sometimes sinister settings.

Joanne says of her work, “I mainly use oil paints when I create images. Most of subject matters of my paintings are from old memories. I used to live in a middle of forest and spent a lot of my time with wild trees and animals when I was young. However, I avoided reproducing simple images of those memories. The thing I was focusing on was the impression of them. The visual images in my head were vague and hard to tell, but I believed that the feeling of it was the thing that lasts.” [h/t]joanne joanne1

Joanne Nam 2-13-13, 2/13/13, 2:31 PM, 8C, 6758x8679 (183+601), 125%, Default Settin, 1/60 s, R110.2, G101.9, B120.6

joanne4 joanne5 Joanne-Nam-1 Joanne-Nam-2 Joanne-Nam-3 Joanne-Nam-5 Joanne-Nam-8 Joanne-Nam-9 joannename_234432423_large

Nam, 5/9/13, 9:37 AM, 8C, 3916x5175 (341+354), 75%, Repro 1.8 v2, 1/25 s, R78.4, G70.3, B89.5