The fantasy-filled paintings of Adam Lee

Melbourne-based artist, Adam Lee, creates fantasy worlds that draw inspiration from Biblical narratives and history. Working in traditional mediums and watercolor, his luminous paintings evoke a sense of story-filled wonder reminiscent of Marc Chagall.

From Lee’s website, “His practice focuses on a re-interpretation of painting and drawing traditions and references a wide range of sources, incorporating biblical narratives, natural history, historical and colonial documentary photography, contemporary music and film, and varying literary sources. Employing new evaluations of landscape painting and old world portraiture Lee investigates humanity’s interface with the environment of the natural world and its relationship to ideas of a timeless zone of the divine.”

The paintings shown here come from his series, “And They Built for Themselves Kingdoms”. His next exhibit will open at Angell Gallery in Toronto Canada on June 3. [h/t]37 40 42 43 48